Systematic analysis to improve
safety and streamline efficiency
across operations.


Expert advice for service optimisation

Monitor operations with live dashboards

Strategies for efficient expansion

Leverage metrics to drive decisions.

Our mission

Empowering the future
of safer mining practice.

Empowering the future for safer work practices.  Using real data and decades of industry expertise to drive toward stronger, safer operations. 

Mike Boyle

Risk Mentor, CEO

The Team

Risk Mentor (RM) is a content, consulting and technology company that assists clients to innovate and outcompete by:

• Benchmarking current performance against industry validated good practice

• Addressing gaps and operationally integrating enhancements

• Co-creating workflows that capture information for ground-up innovation and performance improvement

• Supporting decision makers at all levels with knowledge and reporting platforms.

RM works with clients from underground and surface mining, minerals processing, power distribution, and other sectors in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Southern Africa and North America.

RM content and benchmarking services include vehicle interaction, environmental remediation, tailings storage, fire prevention and mitigation, tyre and rim management, fitness for work, control of energy; machine, electrical, gravitational, chemical, and the operational integration of technology.

Safer Workplaces. Streamlined Compliance.
Powerful, real-time data.


Offices in:
Brisbane, Newcastle,
Canberra, New Zealand



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