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Business Input - Active management of noise in work areas


Noise levels are below exposure standards



  • Equipment and work station design specifications consider noise (and other ergonomic factors)
  • Where noise can not be reduced to tolerable levels at the worker location(s), then appropriate PPE is provided
  • Workers are trained in recognising noise and likely impacts – and the techniques for donning and removing appropriate PPE


  • Introduction of Equipment to site and Commissioning of a facility includes confirmation that noise levels meet site requirements/specifications
  • Noisy work areas are signposted and PPE is provided
  • Workers are trained and assessed in the correct response to noisy conditions


  • Occupational hygiene activities include measuring, and reporting on, noise levels in work areas
  • Work area inspections confirm that conditions meet site requirements
  • Worker skills related to noise identification and PPE usage are provided and maintained in line with the training needs analysis for their role

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