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Business Input - Active management of workplace stressors


Exposures to stress causing factors, such as: noise; atmospheric contaminants; authoritarian supervision; high pressure tasks, etc. are well controlled



  • Regular communication sessions are held between line personnel and more senior personnel on site to identify (and correct) any emerging conditions that will increase stress
  • Training modules addressing personal stress management techniques are run on a regular basis
  • Work area standards are set, and regularly monitored
  • Where removal of work environment stressors is not possible then appropriate PPE is provided


  • ¬†Workers and supervisors are trained in techniques to minimise unhealthy levels of stress
  • Communication sessions are held on a regular basis
  • Workplace inspections are conducted regularly
  • Personnel in work areas use appropriate PPE to minimise health and stress impacts


  • ¬†Supervisor and others inspections confirm status of work areas and appropriate use of PPE (with records made and document controlled)
  • Training records are kept and used to trigger refresher training as appropriate
  • Work area testing/surveillance records are reported to senior personnel and non-conformances reacted to as appropriate

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