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Business Input - Adequate and regular breaks during rostered work shifts


There are adequate work breaks so that personnel can rest, eat and rehydrate



  • Breaks are scheduled and spaced to minimise fatigue and loss of concentration impacts. Tasks are analysed to identify cognitive/physical loading on workers and breaks are matched to refresh workers before they become excessively fatigued
  • Nap breaks are allowed for on an as required basis in an appropriately quiet and comfortable location on site (after supervisor approval)
  • Break rooms are matched to site requirements – with a minimum of clean, quiet and with suitable numbers of chairs etc. available for all workers present on site on shift


  • Supervisors reinforce requirements for breaks with workers – particularly those undertaking high load tasks
  • Workers take breaks as required to minimise fatigue and loss of alertness


  • Hours worked are tracked by functional workers (HR and H&S) on site with reports reviewed by senior site managers
  • Regular inspections include confirming the status and suitability of break rooms for and their usage by workers

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