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Business Input - Aggregation of data from fatigue monitoring system


Fatigue monitoring data is aggregated to identify trends in worker fatigue that can be reacted to by senior managers on the site



  • Records from the Fatigue Monitoring System (FMS) are collected and collated by nominated workers (engineering or functional workers)
  • Summary reports are regularly reviewed by senior managers on site – with continual improvement to identify unwanted trends or incorrect FMS detection settings
  • Trend responses are developed including changing the roster arrangements for individuals or the site (in line with roster development protocols)


  • ┬áData logged outputs from the FMS are collected and collated – and summary reports are developed
  • Nuisance alarms identified are used to refine monitoring settings in line with site change management requirements
  • Senior site managers apply protocols for responding to unwanted FMS incident trends


  • FMS trend and specific reports are reviewed by senior site managers
  • Change management records are maintained for any variations made to site rosters (not individual rosters)




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