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Business Input - Controlled power naps


There are site processes for resting and power naps



  • Formal processes and an appropriate location are in place to allow a fatigued worker to take a nap during their shift
  • Workers are trained in fatigue management – which covers the use of a nap (sleep of less than 3 hours) and dealing with any subsequent sleep inertia upon awakening
  • Systems and processes are in place to support workers that require multiple naps during their normal roster cycle (see information on health and wellbeing)


  • ¬†Fatigue training and assessment includes the use of naps as a way to avoid micro sleeps
  • Nap rooms/locations are available on site and supervisors use these facilities for fatigued workers
  • Napping is supported, but not promoted (i.e. presenting fit for work is still the main priority) by superintendents and more senior site personnel


  • ¬†Training records are maintained and used to trigger refresher training as appropriate
  • Records are maintained of when workers require a nap break – as a means to support life-style interventions if their nap requirements become excessive

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