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Business Input - Health and wellbeing support


Health support and training information on lifestyle choices and sleep hygiene that support healthy work is offered to employees



Training packages that are regularly updated in line with leading practice information are prepared and made available to site workers. These packages cover:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Setting up their sleep environment (particularly important for night shift workers)
  • Site requirements around reporting their fatigue status, nap rooms, etc
  • Sleep amounts needed for health (including highlighting managing both work and off-site obligations)
  • Workers, particularly those engaged in high consequence tasks (such as operating heavy vehicles or other high energy equipment), undertake the training and demonstrate a commitment to delivering on these requirements
  • Workers participate in questionnaires and lifestyle characterisation tasks to help them identify their optimum lifestyle choices to limit fatigue/health impacts


  • Trained workers adopt health choices which support them presenting well rested and fit for work
  • Where this is not the case, they inform their Supervisor of concerns to minimise the chance of an unwanted incident due to fatigue or distrction
  • Supervisors gain an understanding of their workers circadian preference (morning or night) and use this as an input to their allocation of workers to tsks


  • Supervisors and Health & Safety professionals confirm workers understanding of better healthy lifestyle choices
  • Records are created of worker self and/or supervisor completed questionnaires on fatigue level (which are escalated as required to prevent an inattentive worker being deployed into a potentially hazardous task)

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