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Business Input - Identify and manage repetitive and demanding tasks by role


Tasks are characterised by the load they place on workers.  This covers both mental (concentration) and physical (strength) requirements – so that appropriate work/rest regimes can be implemented in rosters



  • Tasks are analysed for the load they will place on worker(s) conducting them
  • Considerations are given to ergonomic guidance and other factors in order to characterise the task as high, medium or low load
  • Higher load tasks should preferentially be planned to be conducted on the day shift, or if required to be performed at night, then with appropriate additional resources (supervision and workers) and breaks required


  • Superintendents and planners identify repetitive and or sustained physically and mentally demanding tasks by role
  • Where possible – a redesign of jobs to limit periods of excessive mental or physical demands through job rotation and regular breaks


  • Training records are reviewed and included in training needs analyses
  • Supervisor reports on shift deployments are reviewed by more senior personnel on site

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