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Business Input - Journey planning for long commutes and travel


There are practical journey planning processes in place



  • A formal process is in place to plan for regular (e.g. access to site) or specific (e.g. travel to a different mine site) journeys

  • Workers are trained and assessed in preparing a Journey plan

  • Guidance is in place to minimise fatigue and other travel risks when preparing a journey plan


  • Workers prepare journey plans in the site format and these are approved by their supervisor/manager before being undertaken
  • Any requirement for work plus journey times being over 14 hours is avoided or a specific approval is sought from a senior manager
  • Approved Journey plans are lodged with the Health and Safety professionals on site


  • Reports are prepared on journey plans for senior management – highlighting any where work plus travel durations are approaching 14 hours
  • Supervisors and others on site regularly confirm workers journey plans are relevant for their ongoing situation

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