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Business Input - Maintenance strategy and plant safety file for fatigue monitoring systems


Fatigue monitoring systems are treated as a safety related system – with inclusion in maintenance programs and information control (plant safety files)



  • Fatigue monitoring systems are formally specified and acquired to meet the specification
  • Introduction to site processes transfer fatigue system elements to the maintenance strategy for the item of plant or work area they are deployed in
  • Documentation is included in the plant safety file for the item of plant/work area and updated as required to remain in code
  • Fatigue monitoring system training and assessment modules for maintainers are included in training management plans for maintenance workers


  • Maintainers are trained and assessed in skills related to fatigue monitoring systems
  • Work orders are raised and completed on fatigue monitoring system elements
  • Proof tests and other mandated requirements are recorded and included in the plant safety file for the fatigue monitoring system (and the equipment/work area where it is fitted)


  • Training and assessment records are kept and refresher training conducted in line with maintainer’s TNA
  • Work order close out information is included in reports for senior site managers – to assist in the allocation of resources during planning and to react to non-conformances
  • Plant safety files are regularly audited to confirm all requirements are being met




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