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Business Input - Manage overtime for shift workers


Overtime is not routinely allocated to afternoon and nightshift workers. Additionally, overtime is not routinely allocated to personnel working 12 hour shifts without formal approval by more senior site management



  • Superintendents and supervisors arrange works to avoid requirements for workers to be routinely called upon to work additional hours over their roster
  • Where works are required a formal process is applied to assess potential for fatigue and other unwanted health or safety conditions arising if the works are conducted


  • Workers perform tasks on their normal roster unless exceptional circumstances arise
  • Requirements for overtime are formally reviewed to minimise any unwanted impact – with approval from a more senior person on site
  • For 12 hour shift workers approval is required from senior managers on site before being conducted


  • Hours of work reports are prepared by functional workers (HR and H&S) for review and action by senior site managers

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