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Business Input - Operator/worker training in fatigue monitoring system use


Workers will be trained in the use and limitations of the deployed fatigue monitoring system.
Maintenance workers will receive training in the inspection and repair of the system (with OEM information and associated safety file materials)



  • – Training and assessment modules are developed (and regularly updated) for the fatigue monitoring system that suit operational and maintenance workers
    – Supervisors and more senior workers will confirm understanding on a regular basis


  • – Workers are trained and assessed in their interactions with the fatigue monitoring system in use on the site
    – Supervisors and others regularly confirm workers understanding of fatigue and associated site systems


  • ┬áTraining records are created and maintained and regular refresher training is provided in line with the TNA for the role
    – Supervisors and others prepare records of their works and these are reviewed by functional workers (HR and H&S) and provided in a summary form for senior site managers to include in planning and/or to react to non-conformances with requirements




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