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Business Input - Provide alternative transport options


Alternative transport options are considered for personnel working on shifts



  • Workers on compressed (i.e. long shift hour) rosters are provided with an alternative transport option to their own vehicle
  • Car pooling options are encouraged where alternative transport is impractical
  • Fatigued workers, who have to stop work are provided with alternative transport if they would elsewise have had to drive their own vehicle


  • Workers travel to/from site in vehicles that reduce the potential for an excessively fatigued driver being in control of the vehicle
  • Triggers are in place to provide alternative transport to fatigued workers who have driven themselves to site


  • ┬áRegular reviews are made of transport options deployed on the site (e.g. audit of contracted transport supply)
  • Exception reports are prepared and reviewed when workers have required alternative transport for a safe travel from site

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