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Business Input - Provision of remote monitoring/alarms of deployed fatigue monitoring systems


This leads to a requirement for remote alarms to be triggered and then have a review by a third party (e.g. dispatch worker or worker in a remote facility). Critical events can then be escalated to site supervisors



  • Remote monitoring facilities and personnel are engaged to meet site requirements
  • Fatigue monitoring systems (FMS) include provision of remote monitoring facilities that are off the machine and/or off the site
  • Remote monitoring facilities direct reports of critical fatigue events to Supervisors or other site contact for intervention with the critically fatigued worker
  • Regular reports of remote monitoring results are prepared


  • Data streams from site are reviewed by off machine/site systems and workers to identify critically fatigued workers at a work station/in control of a vehicle
  • Notifications to site are acted on by trained Supervisors/site contacts to withdraw critically fatigued workers from their task


  • Off machine/site fatigue monitoring facilities are regularly audited to confirm they meet requirements
  • Reports from off machine/site facilities are reviewed by more senior managers to use as inputs to resource planning and for triggering responses to non-conformances
  • Remote monitoring records are included in site information control systems




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