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Business Input - Remote monitoring facility supervision and reporting


An off-machine and/or off-site facility reviews output from fatigue monitoring systems to provide an escalation mechanism for critical events that are not reacted to appropriately by the worker being monitored



  • Data feeds from fatigue monitoring points are directed to a central location for review
  • Off machine/site reviewers are formally trained in the fatigue response requirements for the site
  • Critical fatigue events are identified off machine/site and are escalated to the site supervisor for attention and intervention
  • Records are prepared and kept of off machine/site interventions


  • As part of the commissioning/introduction to site of the FMS an off machine/site data connection is established and tested
    – Critical fatigue events are identified and reported by off machine/site reviewers
    – Supervisors react to reports of critical fatigue events from one of their team


  • Training and assessment records of off machine/site monitoring workers are kept and refresher training is provided in line with their training needs analysis
  • Records of critical fatigue events are reviewed by more senior site managers to allow for allocation of resources during planning or responses to non-conformances to be triggered




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