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Required Operating State - Task level fatigue hazard prevention and mitigation

Company arrangements are established so that tasks are developed with Fatigue specific processes that apply to minimise the potential fatigue effects on workers. Job design considers people and aims to achieve a state of eustress. That is, tasks are sufficiently challenging to be engaging and are matched to the capabilities of the deployed worker(s):

Credible Failure Modes

Period at work: < 10 hours low to medium, < 12 hours medium, > 12 hours high. Caused by: * Supervisor attendance for shift handover. * Long staff hours including travel commitments. Consider long staff hours and include their travel commitments:

    1. Working hours policy with supporting processes
    2. Maximum shift length is 14 hours
    3. Manage overtime for shift workers

Frequency of breaks during work. Adequate and regular breaks low. Infrequent or no breaks high:

  1. Adequate and regular breaks during rostered work shifts
  2. Controlled power naps

Highly repetitive work and/or high concentration work (e.g. related to a safety critical task), with high demands over an extended period of time high. This can also include inappropriate supervisory pressure (real or perceived) which increases the stress of workers:

  1. Adequate multiskilling across crews to allow for fatigue relief
  2. Identify and manage repetitive and demanding tasks by role
  3. Identify and manage excessive mentally demanding tasks by role
  4. Focused supervision for safety critical repetitive tasks
  5. Active management of workplace stressors

Workers under pressure experience an increased cognitive load, leading to a higher potential for fatigue related distraction:

  1. Safety critical work outside low body clock periods

An incident/accident on site leads to workers involved in first (or subsequent) response being exposed to long work duration in a high stress situation:


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