• Performance Platforms
  • Workflow Digitisation
  • Strategy Alignment
  • Improvement Delivery
  • Performance Baselines
  • Good Practice References

Value Summary

Support good decision making through multi-level access to performance requirements and status, support information, analysis, alerts, and reports.


  • Outcompete by using task-level performance information to improve decision making at all levels
  • Detect and correct early drift from expected performance
  • Move supervisors from ‘decision maker’ to a ‘monitor’ role to increase their span of management and engage the workforce
  • De-cluttered, streamlined and fully integrated company systems and processes
  • Agreed points of truth and digital discipline
  • Connect legacy systems into the digital business ecosystem
  • Efficiently meet all compliance outcomes — with logged information that is available and constantly updated
  • Review, analyse, and innovate based on reliable information streams.

Issues and Questions

  • Compliance, governance, assurance, and safety are all consuming and disconnected
  • Systems are misaligned and not operationally integrated
  • Decisions are made using incomplete, inaccurate, and untimely information.
Safer Workplaces. Streamlined Compliance.
Powerful, real-time data.


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