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Our digital engines transform data into information that supports decision makers, at all levels

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Our passion

Our passion is to assist you in developing and implementing approaches that support good decision making.

We work with clients to co-design and deliver their digital futures, through connecting people directly with operational processes, in ways that unlock step-change safety, productivity, compliance, and other business system improvements.

Our logic

We apply engineering logic to validate, digitise, and operationally integrate work processes, based on good practice, operational know-how
and experience.

Work as documented
work as done

“Using Risk Mentor products and services has introduced an ongoing digital discipline that has streamlined, decluttered and connected our company processes.

This work is challenging but the investment has unlocked, and is sustaining, multiple business benefits.”

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A digital engine connects all your operational support systems and processes and makes this information available as operational work processes. A digital engine also collects and processes ‘as it happens’ task step information.

A digital engine transforms data flows into information that supports decision makers at all levels. Our products and services validate, digitise and operationally integrate your work processes and build the digital infrastructure that connects your people directly with your business systems. Working this way catalogues and shares good practice, operational know-how and experience to deliver consistently safe and productive outcomes.

Digital Engines support a digital discipline approach that streamlines, de-clutters, and connects company processes. This work is challenging but the investment unlocks and sustains multiple business benefits that include: digitalisation of operational work processes for consistent safe and productive outcomes, active compliance monitoring, active workforce engagement, capture of information rich data allowing for next generation analysis and reporting, increased span for management for supervisors that includes early detection for any drift from operating standards.

Yes, you can work anywhere, anytime using any device. When offline its business as usual with normal data entry and support information available, then when you are online the system syncs the work you have done back to the server.

We work with work technical personnel to establish management practices that protect data across all applications and platforms. Your data is always protected from unauthorized access and data corruption throughout its lifecycle. Data security options includes data encryption, hashing, tokenization etc.

Using an iterative workflow building platform, we work directly with your front line staff to co-design, configure and trial operational workflows. Working together we develop the digital business ecosystem that connects your people with your operational processes. Importantly working this way means that the deployed platform is designed and approved for operational use by the end users. This is our point of difference – our products work in the real world because they are designed from the real world.

One size does not fit all. The sequential application of the full suite of RMDE products and services will deliver, maintain, and continually improve relevant parts of a Client tailored digital business ecosystem solution. We work with you every step of the way. Your journey is our journey.

Our digital engine reporting and analysis platform is configurable to meet your needs, this includes providing datastreams for your existing business analysis systems. It lso includes providing configurable dashboards based on organisational role -from directors and senior managers, functional support through to frontline supervisors.

Our digital engine at work

Applying the full suite of RMDE products and services delivers, maintains, and enhances a client-tailored digital business ecosystem solution powered by an RM Digital Engine.

Real world applications of our digital engine powering.

Three Knowledge Hubs that support the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) Innovation for Cleaner Safer Vehicles.  

ICMM Knowledge Hub.

The Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT) is committed to improving vehicle interaction controls in the mining and resources industry. We support this important project using our digital engine to power the industry level digital infrastructure at this link:

EMESRT Vehicle Interaction Knowledge Hub.

Visit the RM fatigue management resource for an example of how complex information can be organised and digested for practical use using an RM Digital Engine.

Fatigue management.


Peter Standish


Peter is an experienced and qualified engineer with over 30 years experience in operating and managing businesses. His main role in the company is as the technical director identifying functional requirements and sourcing or scoping product advances to support Risk Mentor’s digital engine delivery to clients.  For more information – why not visit Peter’s LinkedIn profile.

Steven Ducat


Steven is an experienced business manager covering parts, service, hire, compliance, operational and equipment supply across industry sectors as broad as Foods, Marine, Mining, Construction and Manufacturing working with the worlds largest OEMs. His focus is user experience, system deployment and keeping Mike and Peter practical!

Mike Boyle


Mike Boyle is a systems and business improvement consultant. In his career, he has been fortunate to work across Africa and Asia and his experience also includes senior management roles in international mining service companies along with six years in a remote Australian alumina refinery.  He has a track record of developing and integrating innovative approaches and processes that improve company performance and contribute powerfully to broader organisational goals – why not visit Mike’s LinkedIn profile.

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