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What is Fatigue?

Fatigue is a significant contributor to human error across all industry sectors. Fatigued people make mistakes. The required operating states listed below will minimise the potential for fatigue impacts in your business and are presented within a Control Framework. This framework presents industry validated failure modes and the business inputs which should be in place to prevent a required operating state being compromised. Feel free to click through the different:

  1. Required Operating States (ROS)
  2. Credible Failure Modes (CFM)
  3. Business Inputs (BI) to Maintain the ROS 

If you would like an Excel version of this framework please contact us at admin@riskmentor.com.au

Task level fatigue hazard prevention and mitigation

Work environment and supporting processes minimise fatigue impacts on workers

Operators do not conduct tasks when impaired

Workers react to signals from fatigue monitoring technology

We may not be experts in fatigue management but we are the experts in providing you with a fatigue management digital solution.

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