BI-SPA.87.10 Appropriate system for scheduled inspections include structured checklists and defect reporting

Expectation: Structured inspections, conducted by supervisors, workers and others, are effective and efficient at confirming conditions and worker actions meet site requirements.
Specify: Structured inspections, conducted by supervisors and others, include:

  1. Planning to identify required frequencies and types of supervisor and senior manager inspections – based on work areas, activities occurring and prevailing threat levels
  2. Confirming worker actions are in line with site requirements (procedures, etc.) and mentoring non-conformances in line with performance management (discipline) protocols
  3. Supporting worker and maintainer equipment checks and servicing (with escalation of any identified defects) through pre-start, planned and in-field inspections
  4. Work environment checks, with noise, dust, fume and ventilation quality measurements – taken on a regular basis
  5. Providing details on permanent and temporary requirements for area and facilities inspections (including housekeeping, protective structures (structural handrails and barricades), signage, barricading, delineation, windrows/bunds, strata/slope conditions, etc.)
  6. Emergency equipment status inspections
  7. Preparation and use of checklists to support consistent, quality inspection and oversight of site activities and facilities


Last Updated: 18/07/2023 09:00:55am