BI-SPA.91.40 Skilled and experienced personnel are accountable for determining the operating processes on site

Expectation: Equipment is selected and work processes developed to meet operational requirements (people, infrastructure and site) and to confirm all equipment operates within its design parameters.
Specify: Technical specialists and operational superintendents are accountable for preparing procedures for works on site. Considerations include:

  1. Tasks required – with a breakdown of steps required and identifying details on risks and controls from references: available site (JSA’s, Risk Analyses etc.); OEM guidance material, and; regulator and industry guidance resources (including available training modules). These steps inform required engineering, equipment choice and controls to implement that are documented in site processes
  2. Site conditions are included in considerations related to: vehicle pavements; road and park-up gradients and ground strengths; area constraints impacting turn and swing radii (horizontal and vertical); lighting and exposure to weather effects; ground stability considerations; climate and season (and associated road watering/maintenance requirements); operator constraints/requirements. All of which are checked to confirm required processes will achieve productive and safe outcomes
  3. Frequency, complexity and potential severity of works – which determine the level of formality and detail required in documented operating processes (more frequent, complex or consequence of outcomes leads to more rigour and detail)
  4. Conducting a team review (risk analysis) involving operational and maintenance subject matter experts to challenge desktop considerations and confirm documented requirements are aligned with site practices
  5. Companion training and assessment tools are prepared to support approved site procedures/processes


Last Updated: 18/07/2023 08:46:17am