BI-CDR.01.30 Pre-commencement and periodic medicals for workers and equipment operators

Expectation: Pre-employment checks and periodic medicals conducted to confirm personnel are capable of fulfilling position requirements.
Specify: Personnel are confirmed as being capable of working prior to commencing longer term site deployments, including:

  1. Personnel in operating roles that require levels of vision, hearing, lung and musculo-skeletal function have pre-commencement and then periodic medicals that confirm that they are able to safely and productively carry out tasks
  2. All medicals are carried out by appropriately trained personnel with oversight from a physician
  3. Medical assessments consider all regulatory requirements
  4. Demonstration of underlying functional skills (vision, hearing, etc.) are confirmed during pre-employment and training processes with records obtained to support knowledge as well as functional capabilities


Last Updated: 17/07/2023 08:25:45am