BI-SPA.86.15 Effective hazard and near miss reporting

Expectation: Hazards and near misses are identified and used to provide a warning of insufficient or degraded business inputs in the HSMS – and trigger value adding corrective actions.
Specify: Hazard and near miss reporting systems are:

  1. Documented with a procedure to: implement an immediate solution (if possible) -> gather information (interviews, photographs, measurements, etc.) on the hazard/near miss -> characterise the issue by incident type -> identify failure modes that contributed to the hazard/near miss -> highlight shortfalls in the site requirements (business inputs), and -> generate follow up actions and opportunities for improvement
  2. Communicated through training resources which are prepared, empowering and requiring all personnel to identify and report and/or analyse causes of issues
  3. Supported by resources (people, equipment and business systems) which help to provide consistent interpretation and value adding improvement suggestions


Last Updated: 18/07/2023 08:57:35am