BI-EPH.27.10 Temporary platforms (scaffold) constructed and maintained for stability and usability

Expectation: Temporary structures to allow for access to elevated locations are rated, constructed to suit requirements, and regularly inspected and maintained to maintain stability and usability.
Specify: Temporary structures are deployed to provide access to elevated location. Specific requirements for these structures includes:

  1. Specifying, sourcing and confirming that items on site are approved and rated scaffolding components – that have appropriate conformance and test certificates and decals – with anti-slip – flooring, step treads, and ladder rungs
  2. Specific scaffolding skills for construction and use are included in training and assessment packages – reinforcing requirements for stability, safe access (stairs and off set ladders installed at 1:4 (H:V = 75o)), anchor points (e.g. extension posts), edge protection, securing to fixed structures, etc.
  3. Tasks at elevated positions, that could not be engineered out or accessed by fixed or elevating work platforms have a requirement for scaffold to be constructed
  4. Scaffolding checks are included in documented requirements for work area inspections


Last Updated: 24/07/2023 11:02:30am