BI-CRA.10.20 Consultation and communication on safety and health

Expectation: Ready ability to communicate concerns and controls required on safety and health matters – with multiple processes for effective communication between workers, supervisors and more senior personnel in the business.
Specify: Communication occurs as required and to a schedule, with formal committees producing minutes, documented meetings sharing instructions/requirements and informal processes in place on site to:

  1. Involve workers/operators in planning (including risk assessment, hazard identification and control selection) processes
  2. Inform workers/operators of key business inputs/controls that they should be implementing at tool-box talks and start of shift meetings
  3. Gather information from workers/operators on concerns, hazards present, incidents and other matters related to safe and productive operation of the site
  4. Consult on hazard identification and control management processes in place and applied at operational, task and individual levels
  5. Inform workers and supervisors in start of shift meetings to transfer/receive key safety, health and operational elements of worker’s tasks for the coming shift
  6. Gather information from representative committees, reflecting operating site structure, are established and monitor processes, performance and progress against improvement plans
  7. Allow and empower workers to raise concerns over unsafe tasks and challenge instructions to work unsafely


Last Updated: 14/07/2023 04:11:21pm