BI-CPH.06.10 Stability Alarm and vehicle information expected response – prepared for Operators

Expectation: Workers correctly respond to all alarms and control readings with deployed monitoring and control technology for working at height equipment (EWP’s etc.) being documented by vehicle type and communicated in a style that is appropriate for the audience.
Specify: Training for operating mobile equipment involved in Work at Height includes specific alarm and information panel indicators, based on real world scenarios including abnormal situations. Training modules, based on good operating practice, confirm Operator skills in:

  1. Understanding, acknowledging and responding to alarms and notifications
  2. Slowing, parking (fundamentally stable) and setting up for elevated work in an appropriate location
  3. Notifying emergency services in event of an incident
  4. Shutdown in normal and abnormal circumstances
  5. Exiting the machine and work platform including using an alternate means of egress


Last Updated: 18/07/2023 09:52:14am