BI-SDA.81.25 Position descriptions that specify expected supervisor performance

Expectation: Trained, competent and mentored supervisors are appointed for functions and/or work areas on the site.
Specify: Specific requirements in place for supervisors include:

  1. Performance management (discipline) system understanding – including how to mentor, counsel and escalate interactions with non-conforming workers
  2. Key skills related to high consequence activities under their control. This covers how to access subject matter knowledge for tasks they are not fully conversant with
  3. Specific requirements for permit systems addressing high consequence activities – identifying authorised permitters and confirming workers are conforming with permit requirements
  4. Inspection management system understanding, identifying areas (work environments and activities) they are required to provide oversight for, and requirements normal status reporting and escalation of non-conformances


Last Updated: 17/07/2023 04:24:13pm