CRA.11.01 Hazard ID

CFM-CRA.11.01 Supervisors and other senior team members fail to identify hazards during inspections
Failing to identify hazardous conditions and task activities, caused by:

BI-CDA.03 Trained personnel who are supported by an appropriate and up-to-date training management system

A process is in place for delivering and maintaining training [More...]

BI-LRA.44.40 Fixed and PTZ Cameras for Area Monitoring

Cameras provide an area view and a record [More...]

BI-SDA.81.10 Clear accountabilities for managers, superintendents and supervisors are included in comprehensive, site relevant design and planning processes

Accountabilities in place for planning and design [More...]

BI-SPA.87.10 Appropriate system for scheduled inspections include structured checklists and defect reporting

Structured inspections are implemented [More...]