CRA.11.05 Unsafe Acts

CFM-CRA.11.05 Supervisors or other workers do not react to unsafe acts or conditions
Failure of workers and supervisors to react to a situation that is in breach of site requirements, including:

BI-CDA.03 Trained personnel who are supported by an appropriate and up-to-date training management system

A process is in place for delivering and maintaining training [More...]

BI-CDA.09 Comprehensive fitness for work process includes fatigue, alcohol and other drugs

Site requirement for everyone to be fit for duty [More...]

BI-CPA.02.10 Protocols for site induction and site and operating areas access

Induction processes are in place [More...]

BI-LRA.44.40 Fixed and PTZ Cameras for Area Monitoring

Cameras provide an area view and a record [More...]

BI-SDA.81.25 Position descriptions that specify expected supervisor performance

Trained, competent and mentored supervisors [More...]