BI-EDH.26.10 Equipment specification for site considers work at height and climbing, provision of edge and overhead protection (and anchor points)

Expectation: To minimise potential for falls of people, tools, components or debris, all fixed and mobile equipment is specified to include handrails, edge protection and anchor points (if tasks required outside protected platforms) – including provision of temporary or removable handrails and kickplates.
Specify: Where fixed or mobile equipment has elevated work positions, the specification and introduction to site process includes:

  1. Requiring considerations be made around access, load cases and site constraints for all tasks that could occur in these areas – with transfer of information from designers and OEMs to include in site specifications, procedures and inspection checklists
  2. Nominating requirements for work locations – with handrails (including temporary or mechanically positioned handrails for mobile equipment that has to fit in constrained mechanical envelopes during normal operation) and securing devices (lock pins with engagement detection and alarms, safety cables, etc.) for man baskets
  3. Controls to provide fail safe and unwanted movement prevention requirements – with clear requirements to avoid unintended movements in power failures or loss of pressure events – including any unwanted tilting or movement of man baskets or work platforms (including use of limit blocks to prevent over travel or gross tilting of platforms) and with controls available in man baskets, including emergency stop functions
  4. Alarms and interlocks to provide workers with warning of planned impending movement or unwanted machine state, and to restrict or slow movements when workers are in elevated locations
  5. Requirements for ladders, angle installed, use of cages for taller ladders, extending beyond the landings by at least 1.0 metres. For fixed installations over extended heights, platforms are provided every ladder (nominally every 6 metres)
  6. Including detailed inspection requirements for the presence and function of working at height safety devices (edge protection, overhead protection (crush protection), anchors and warning decals) for introduction to site and commissioning checks that occur before equipment is allowed to operate
  7. Working at height safety devices are mentioned specifically in maintenance strategies, with required checks, lubrication and component changes noted in work orders and associated procedures


Last Updated: 18/07/2023 10:22:23am