BI-SDA.81.10 Clear accountabilities for managers, superintendents and supervisors are included in comprehensive, site relevant design and planning processes

Expectation: Accountabilities and responsibilities for design and planning processes (short and longer term) are documented and implemented by role holders coordinating business activities on site.
Specify: Clarity for managers, superintendents and supervisors on the requirements of their roles is provided in:

  1. Formal appointment to a role
  2. Role descriptions which describe the business input activities they are accountable and responsible for. Accountable means having ultimate over sight of all site required implementation of a business input activity and Responsible means tasked with coordinating and/or conducting the business input activity within their span of control
  3. Organisation structures which document the required reporting lines and spans of control
  4. Formal communication requirements for collecting and passing on data and observations from activities they are involved in
  5. Non-conformance and escalation processes when required business input activities can not, or are not, implemented as required
  6. Performance review processes which involve regular measurement and discussion on execution of tasks required by business inputs needed to meet site requirements


Last Updated: 17/07/2023 04:20:36pm