BI-MPA.65.30 Power line working distance management process

Expectation: Safe working distances are always maintained between power lines and mobile equipment e.g. cranes, trucks, forklifts, EWPs etc.
Specify: As part of any infrastructure development, maintenance or work in proximity, measures are implemented to prevent unwanted interaction including:

  1. Design guidelines, and designs, that require segregation of overhead (and buried) powerlines from roadways and work areas where interactions could occur as far as possible – including provision of ground level and elevated barricades. Where segregation can not be achieved, then clear marking of lines and/or hazards is documented as a requirement (and executed during construction/maintenance)
  2. Procedures in place specifying minimum approach distances and required controls when working near and travelling under powerlines – with specific permits required for any work that could encroach on minimum approach distances
  3. Warning devices required on power lines are maintained – Tiger Tails, Signage and Power Line Corridor entry permits


Last Updated: 17/07/2023 04:16:44pm