BI-SPA.93.10 Information on site is controlled

Expectation: Requirements for gathering, storing, sharing and deleting/destroying information are managed in line with prevailing internal and external mandates.
Specify: Information on site is controlled to meet external and site expectations by:

  1. Identifying relevant documentation required to be generated and maintained by regulatory and legal obligations, company requirements, policies and standards (with mapping of these requirements to site business input activities)
  2. Processes, procedures and associated training and assessment resources are developed to guide workers, supervisors, technical workers and leaders on creating and/or identifying records to be included in the site information management system
  3. Nominated roles are accountable and responsible for generating and controlling information on site activities and equipment – with support from a relevant functional department (if available)
  4. Record destruction is included in site processes in line with company and legal guidance materials


Last Updated: 18/07/2023 08:53:57am