BI-CPA.10.10 Task expectations and required procedures are well communicated and reinforced over the work shift

Expectation: To support consistent performance, task expectations are clearly communicated at task allocation (start of work) and then reinforced over the shift and as required.
Specify: Each shift there is a process to allocate tasks and reinforce task relevant mobile equipment interaction controls. Material is provided, including:

  1. Where appropriate, graphical information (photographs, maps of roadways, etc.) are used in preference to text only information
  2. Procedures for allocated tasks are referenced if available
  3. There is further communication during the shift as tasks or conditions change
  4. Positive communication is identified as a key control for the works – with clear signals/requests being confirmed by the other party before any decisions/actions are taken
  5. Task information is recorded for work areas so that personnel entering the area can be informed of activities occurring
  6. Requirements for workers to be trained, competent, appointed and authorised/authorized for operating equipment and conducting tasks
  7. Making any deployed equipment safe at the end of tasks with parking fundamentally stable (implements lowered, chocks in place, brakes applied, wheels turned into wall, stairs down, engine off) and returning keys etc. to centralised locations so that only authorised workers can operate equipment


Last Updated: 14/07/2023 03:40:06pm