CPA.11 LSB Breach

CFM-CPA.11 Breach of Life Saving Behaviour
A worker, failing to follow key foundation rules for working in an industrial setting, including not adjusting a plan or procedure without considering the implications or putting themselves in the line-of-fire, caused by:

BI-CDA.09 Comprehensive fitness for work process includes fatigue, alcohol and other drugs

Site requirement for everyone to be fit for duty [More...]

BI-CDH.04.10 Requirements for working at height – information prepared for workers

Specific information related to required skills [More...]

BI-CPA.02.10 Protocols for site induction and site and operating areas access

Induction processes are in place [More...]

BI-CPA.10.10 Task expectations and required procedures are well communicated and reinforced over the work shift

Task expectations are clearly presented and reinforced [More...]

BI-CPA.13.10 High consequence task permitting

Tasks with a high potential consequence [More...]

BI-CRA.10.20 Consultation and communication on safety and health

Ready ability to communicate concerns and control [More...]

BI-LRA.44.40 Fixed and PTZ Cameras for Area Monitoring

Cameras provide an area view and a record [More...]

CFM-CPA.11 Worker fails to conform with life saving behaviours

A worker, failing to follow key foundation rules for working [More...]

BI-CDA.03 Trained personnel who are supported by an appropriate and up-to-date training management system

A process is in place for delivering and maintaining training [More...]