CRA.10.01 Poor Supervsn

CFM-CRA.10.01 Supervisor does not understand requirements of tasks (issues unsafe instructions or approves inadequate work plan)
Supervisors issue instructions that compromise safety of workers and effectiveness of the works due to:

BI-CDA.03 Trained personnel who are supported by an appropriate and up-to-date training management system

A process is in place for delivering and maintaining training [More...]

BI-CDH.04.10 Requirements for working at height – information prepared for workers

Specific information related to required skills [More...]

BI-CRA.10.20 Consultation and communication on safety and health

Ready ability to communicate concerns and control [More...]

BI-SDA.81.25 Position descriptions that specify expected supervisor performance

Trained, competent and mentored supervisors [More...]

BI-SPA.83.10 Structured line and functional support for supervisors when applying site performance management (discipline) processes

Supervisors are supported [More...]

BI-SPA.86.15 Effective hazard and near miss reporting

Hazards and near misses are identified [More...]