UWJV VICI Mapping Questions for Contracts Superintendent

UWVJ VICI Mapping Questions for Contracts Superintendent

You have ONE Business Input questions to answer.

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BI-05D.03 Effective contractor management processes
Site contractor management processes are effective. 

How do we currently meet this expectations? 
If No to question above please provide details

Please provide details of where the specification can be found. Provide specific references not just a document name.

Site contractor management processes are effective, and they include:

  • Mobilisation information
  • Access and induction information
  • Allocation of facilities e.g. workshops, parking, offices, equipment laydown, operating areas etc.
  • Equipment minimum standards e.g. vehicle markings and lighting requirements
Traffic management and other operational interfaces

Describe how the Business Input is implemented. Is it adequate, consistent, reliable, and repeatable? Do people know what is expected of them?

Nominated contract superintendents provide contractor information on site requirements.

Contract superintendents provide oversight and instructions to contractors.
Please provide details of how the status of the Business Input is monitored.
List relevant documents
Attach relevant documents

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