UWJV VICI Mapping Questions for Mining Manager

UWJV VICI Mapping Questions for Mining Manager

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BI-05D.09 Change Management Process - Expectation
Applied and effective change management processes are in use at the operating site.

Is the expectation of this Business Input relevant in your circumstances?
If No to question above please provide details
Why doesn't BI-05D.09 expectation not apply?

Please provide details of where the specification can be found. Provide specific references, that is text which requires this Business Input - not just a document name.

New equipment, road network, traffic flow adjustments etc. follow a defined change management process that: 

  • Confirms the scope 
  • Identifies potential impacts for mobile equipment and personnel 
  • Confirms how hazards will be controlled e.g. signs, barriers, etc. 
  • Communicates relevant information to personnel 

Describe how the Business Input is implemented. Is it adequate, consistent, reliable, and repeatable? Do people know what is expected of them?

The process is applied when introducing new equipment and new processes.
Superintendents or Supervisors apply the process when there is a need make significant operational changes e.g. in the road network or traffic flows. 

Please provide details of how the status of the Business Input is monitored.

This could include the frequency of oversight provided for change management, change completion reviews/reports and system audit requirements.
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