VICE Mapping Questions for General Manager

VICE Mapping Questions for General Manager

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BI-05S.05 Appropriate system for scheduled inspections include structured checklists and defect reporting - Expectation
Structured inspections, conducted by supervisors, workers and others, are effective and efficient.

Is the expectation of this Business Input relevant in your circumstances?
If No to question above please provide details
Why doesn't BI-05S.05 expectation not apply?
Please provide details of where the specification can be found. Provide specific references, that is text which requires this Business Input - not just a document name.

Structured inspections, conducted by supervisors, workers and others, are effective and efficient for:

  • Confirming worker actions are in line with site requirements (procedures, etc.) and mentoring non-conformances in line with performance management protocols 
  • Equipment checks and servicing (with escalation of any identified defects) through pre-start, planned and in-field inspections  
  • Area and facilities inspections (including signage, delineation, windrows/bunds, strata/slope conditions, etc.)
  • Emergency equipment status inspections 

Describe how the Business Input is implemented. Is it adequate, consistent, reliable, and repeatable? Do people know what is expected of them?

Inspections are scheduled and based on detailed standards e.g. OEM servicing requirements for equipment and engineering/statutory guidance on required frequency of inspection of roadways and surrounding excavations.

The inspection process details the competence required for personnel undertaking and reporting on findings.

Defects/non-conformances are categorised to improve decisions on whether Operators/workers/equipment are safe to continue operating with and other hazards are addressed using the site's performance, hazard and incident reporting protocols.
Please provide details of how the status of the Business Input is monitored. 

Comments/evidence here could include how scheduled inspections are carried out to plan, tracking and monitoring of defects and/or TARP levels.  Also include how non-conformances are reacted to in line with performance, defect and TARP protocols. 

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