R02 Planning

ROS02 – Workers required to perform tasks at height prevent themselves and all items from falling or impacting others
Workers identify all ways in which they, or an elevated object, could fall or move in an unwanted way. The workers then apply measures to prevent falls and unwanted movements.

CRA.11.05 Unsafe Acts

CPA.11.05 No PPE

CPH.03.05 No Fall ID

CRA.10.01 Poor Supervsn

CPA.09 Not FFW

CPA.10.01 Manual Handling

CPA.11.01 Breach Plan

CDH.13.10 Poor Anchors

CPA.03 Incompetent

CPA.03.01 No permit

CDA.03.10 Untrained

CDA.10.30 PPP

CPA.11 LSB Breach