CDH.13.10 Poor Anchors

CFM-CDH.13.10 Failing to identify required anchor points or edge protection before Working at Height
Involved workers or supervisors do not identify requirements, including not:

BI-ERA.31.10 Regular checking and maintenance of infrastructure and fixed plant

All fixed plant is inspected [More...]

BI-SPA.91.40 Skilled and experienced personnel are accountable for determining the operating processes on site

Nominated role holders are accountable for operating processes [More...]

BI-CDH.04.10 Requirements for working at height – information prepared for workers

Specific information related to required skills [More...]

BI-CPA.13.10 High consequence task permitting

Tasks with a high potential consequence [More...]

BI-EDH.26.10 Equipment specification for site considers work at height and climbing, provision of edge and overhead protection (and anchor points)

All equipment and elevated locations have specificaitons [More...]