VICE Mapping Questions for Mine Surveyor

VICE Mapping Questions for Mine Surveyor

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BI-03P.02 Lighting, delineation and signs are installed and maintained to standards that meet minimum site road design requirements - Expectation

Site road design sets minimum standards for the installation, inspection and maintenance of lighting, delineation and signs that assist vehicle operators maintain situational awareness. 

Is the expectation of this Business Input relevant in your circumstances?

If No to question 1 above please provide details
Why doesn't BI-03P.02 expectation not apply?
1.1 Specification
Please provide details of where the specification can be found. Provide specific references, that is text which requires this Business Input - not just a document name.

Designs and construction requirements include standards for lighting of high traffic areas (e.g. around the mine infrastructure areas, dump edges, intersections, etc.) and signs to alert vehicle operators of road network requirements. 

Survey mark out requirements for road network infrastructure to meet site requirements. 
1.2 Implement
Describe how the Business Input is implemented. Is it adequate, consistent, reliable, and repeatable? Do people know what is expected of them?

Road construction crews place and maintain required permanent and temporary lighting, communication / information signage around the road network. 
1.3 Monitor
Please provide details of how the status of the Business Input is monitored. 

Survey regularly mark out and pick up locations of required elements of the surface and underground roadway networks - updating design and as-built plans as required.
1.4 List relevant documents
Please list all relevant documents here.
1.5 Attach relevant documents
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